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Using Node-Red with Ciseco LLAP devices

I’ve been using the Ciseco wireless modules for a while now and after seeing Node-Red I wanted to use the Ciseco modules as both an input and output to the nodes. This post describes how to setup the Serial In and Serial Out nodes to use either the USB SRF Stick or the XRF and […]

Max1284 – The next step for opensource IoT Gateway

I’ve been helping with a small project over at to produce a cheap, modular Internet Of Things gateway. Progress can be followed on its dedicated page. So far it has support for a number of wireless connections including RFM12 for Jeelab related sensor nodes, XBee and XRF. The data, once collected can then be […]

A Slice of Pi – Interfacing the Raspberry Pi

Having recently acquired a Raspberry Pi on loan for a few days I decided to try some interfacing. The simple solution would have been to put together a cable and header plug to connect to the I/O pins on the Raspberry Pi. This would need a custom circuit each time I wanted to try something. […]

Long time no post

It looks like its been an absolute age since I posted anything here, too much going on but here are a few things I’ve been doing:

Mbed based IoT Gateway Attending IoT London Meetups and Giving talk on mbed IoT gateway CO Sensors using details from here Helping fund a kickstarter project Amazon Web Services […]

TinyBasic for Nanode

As one of those that has taken up the TinyBasic Christmas Challenge issued by Ken Boak, the creator of Nanode, a range of Arduino compatible microcontroller boards, I am posting my updates. The basic code is able to run simple Basic commands and run small programs. What it lacked is a place to store programs […]

Remote sketch upload to Nanode

Recently I made a presentation to the Nanode application development weekend to demonstrate how to send a new sketch to a Nanode. The idea is that the nanode is a network connected device and with a small addition to the ENC28J60 library it would be possible for it to act as a simple TFTP server […]

Spam of the Day

I had to laugh at this spam that dropped into my junk folder:

I am The Rt Hon David Cameron MP,Prime Minister, First Lord of the Treasury and Minister for the Civil Service British Government. This letter is to officially inform you that (ATM Card Number 7302 7168 0041 0640) has been accredited with […]

We are mobile.

This site is now available in mobile format. Just access it from your phone browser. It comes in as text with minimal graphics.

Give it a try, just scan the code to access the site from your mobile phone!

New Ethernet Packet Dump library

I’ve created a small library to dump received ethernet packets to the serial port. Pull the code from Github at for more.

See the README file for how to use it.

ИкониikoniИдея за подаръкикони


Home-made Geek Advent Calendar

As I don’t normally get advent calendars myself I thought I’d do something about it this year. Instead of chocolate I’m using electronic parts that go to make up an breadboard based Arduino system, minus the usb to serial chip.

The main part of my advent calendar is made from two sheets of A3 foam […]