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Arduino Proto Breadboard

A while ago I bought an Arduino proto-shield in kit form from, but the problem is that it requires soldering to fix it all together but does allow you to do small temporary circuits. However fitting a small breadboard to the proto-shield makes it more useful. Small breadboards are available but the one I […]

Laptop and Hard Drive

Finally manage to get a picture of the new laptop and my 1TB external hard drive.

Laptop is dual booting into Winnows XP and Suse Linux 11.0. It was quite tricky to setup in the first place but once sorted it runs quite well.


A little rain…

We had a bit of rain on Friday…

Roundabout near Railway station.

Flooded road.

Roundabout near Local Secondary School and Leisure centre

Road going past local Secondary School and Leisure centre

The water was all gone from here by early evening as I went down to retrieve my stranded car from […]

New webhost

After a bad couple of weeks with previous ISP, not mentioning any names but they had a webmail server hacked and all the previously clean mailboxes are now being heavily spammed. I am in the process of moving my domains to another dedicated hosting provider. At present my main web and email domain has been […]

Interesting site – PikiPimp

Visit PikiPimp and Pimp your pictures. I now have some interesting pictures of certain person I work with that I’ll get round to uploading soon.

For now, enjoy pimping your own pictures.

New Mugs – Cyberman and Borg

I have 2 new mugs available this week, turn somone into a Borg Drone:

Or a Cyberman:

All quiet on the western front

Just to report that there hasnt been much happening worth reporting. 🙂

Fixing Forks

When I had my bike MOT done in January, there was an advisory on a leaking fork seal. I’d got the bits but never actually got round to changing it. As the weather is supposed to be getting warmer (yeah right!) and drier there would be more ride-outs happening so I needed the fork seal […]

Fireworks night

For those of you that don’t know when fireworks night, or bonfire night as its sometimes called, its on 5th November each year and has been for as long as I can remember. Not 28th October or even earlier.

Do I really care? No I don’t, its your money you are burning. You may as […]