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Arduino Yún WiFi Autobot Lamp


This project is to create a WiFi Connected lamp from a Transformer themed lamp. The original lamp was plain white in colour and not very interesting. The idea was to add a microcontroller with WiFi capabilities and a number of RGB LEDs. This is to be controlled via a simple web page running on […]

New Toy – Advent 4211 Netbook

Not much at the moment, but my new toy is Advent 4211 Netbook. It is basically a re-badged MSI Wind but for less than the MSI version!

Wifi router hacking

This is the USB to Serial to ttl levels convertor used to access the serial port on my FON wifi router. I built it to downgrade the firmware then apply a hack to install a set of addons to give more control and monitoring on the fon router. In effect, it created an expert mode! […]

FON – Community Wifi for free

I’d been looking at FON for a while now and decided to initially register as an Alien to see what its all about, then decided to take the plunge and order my own La Fonera, their own router, based on OpenWRT software. The basic idea is that you install the route, register it and it […]