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Arduino Yún WiFi Autobot Lamp


This project is to create a WiFi Connected lamp from a Transformer themed lamp. The original lamp was plain white in colour and not very interesting. The idea was to add a microcontroller with WiFi capabilities and a number of RGB LEDs. This is to be controlled via a simple web page running on […] and the OpenPi


Following on from a previous post on Using with Node-RED I have been given a Wireless Things OpenPi device. This is based on the Raspberry Pi Compute Module and hence is a different beast to put software on compared to the regular Raspberry Pi models. The big difference here is that there is […]

Arduino and EtherShield – Sending UDP broadcast messages

With the ENC28J60 EtherShield, it is possible to create packets other than the regular HTTP and web packets. The UDP packet is one of these. It is simple and connectionless making minimum overhead needed to create packets. In developing the UDP broadcasts I’ve had to expose a number of functions in my EtherShield library, these […]

Arduino sending requests to PHP script

I’ve been asked by a number of people to provide an example of using the EtherShield library to pass data to a PHP script, to for example store sensor data in a database.

The example here is based on existing code that reads the SHT1x temperature and humidity sensor. The results are passed as […]

CurrentCost CC128 working with RRD, Pachube and Twitter.

After finding the instructions at to create a basic perl script that read the Currentcost datastream, parsed the XML and updated a RRD file I was able to create some power usage graphs. Using the RRDTool CGI application on a local linux box with the apache webserver I’ve got graphs for the last 10 […]

Wifi router hacking

This is the USB to Serial to ttl levels convertor used to access the serial port on my FON wifi router. I built it to downgrade the firmware then apply a hack to install a set of addons to give more control and monitoring on the fon router. In effect, it created an expert mode! […]

FON – Community Wifi for free

I’d been looking at FON for a while now and decided to initially register as an Alien to see what its all about, then decided to take the plunge and order my own La Fonera, their own router, based on OpenWRT software. The basic idea is that you install the route, register it and it […]

Java development – get NetBeans

If you do any Java development and have not yet come across the NetBeans IDE, then have a look at it now. Download it and try it. I’ve been using it since about version 3.6 and have been using the version 5.5 beta and preview release since they were first available and I must say […]

PSP Multiplayer

I’m currently trying out an interesting bit of software that is supposed to enable a PSP to play multiplayer games over the internet when the game was originally intended to work with a number of PSP near each other. The ida is that there is a piece of software that listens for game requests from […]