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Motorbike – preparations for MOT

I finally decided to have a look at my motorbike after the MOT expired in January. After stripping out the rear wheel, swingarm, chain and brake caliper I’ve found it needs a good clean and re-grease. The brake caliper has a seized piston and the lock-washer from the front sprocket nut had somehow disappeared and […]

First Ride out of the year.

The car temperature was showing -1C and there was a covering of frost when I got in it to move it out of the way to get the old motorbike out of the garage. The local roads round the estate were icy so I had to take it quite carefully until I got to the […]

Novel way to get drivers to notice speed limits

A novel way to get drivers to notice the speed limits is here – Warning: Contains Partial nudity!


Project T80 Update 9

Just a quick update, the battery was charged (sort of!) and connected up, fuel was put into the tank, turned on the ignition and jumped on the kick start. Almost went first time. Second time and a bit of throttle had the little beast running.

One test ride and almost crashing into the garage I […]

Britain’s deadliest road

Interesting read, that one of the roads I’ve used is now classed as Britain’s deadliest road: the 13 bends of death according to this Times Online article. This road is the A4074 from Reading to Oxford and runs past Fox’s Diner, one of the biker hangouts I’ve been known to visit. I’ve also done other […]

Tool of the week

The tool of the week, although I’m not sure which week, is my homemade fork undoing tool. This is used when dismantling the forks on my motorbike to replace the fork seals. It was made up with an old banjo bolt with a smaller bolt welded into the hole down the centre. A deep 13mm […]

Project T80 Update 8

T80 now has a the swingarm and rear wheel re-fitted. Also did a few other jobs, like mount the tank, fit seat, fit carb and part of the air intake box, fit some of the electrical bits and battery bracket.

Still to do:

Remove rear brake lever and free it up. Possibly needs a new […]

Project T80 Update 7

I’ve finally finished the repairs to the T80’s swingarm and given it a coat of silver hammerite paint. Its shown here swinging from the garage roof to allow the paint to dry before it can be re-fitted to the bike.

Fixing Forks

When I had my bike MOT done in January, there was an advisory on a leaking fork seal. I’d got the bits but never actually got round to changing it. As the weather is supposed to be getting warmer (yeah right!) and drier there would be more ride-outs happening so I needed the fork seal […]

Project T80 – Update 6

Well, the T80 has a new seat, instead of buying a new seat cover I went the whole way and splashed out £15 on a good used seat from a guy on eBay. So now it has a new seat fitted, although it is still missing the swingarm that was removed recently and found to […]