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Migrating from EtherShield to EtherCard library

Important Note: I have now stopped development work on the EtherShield library However, this is not the end for Arduino and ENC28J60 libraries. The excellent EtherCard library from Jeelabs. I have decided this is the library I am to use in my examples and future ENC28J60 developments.

As the two librariers are based on the […]

Nanode gets new boots

I’ve been playing around with a couple of Nanode boards for a while now after having an early beta version. Check out the link for full details and specs. The latest version has a few options and I am using one in standard form to connect my CurrentCost electricity monitor to my local lan to […]

RESTduino for Nanodes

After seeing the work done by Jason Gullicksonism on RESTduino – Arduino for the rest of us and code at I decided to port the sketch to use my ENC28J60 EtherShield library. This is now available at and includes an updated demo.

A perfect platform for this code is the Nanode, it provides […]

Creating a Pachube controled RGB LED

This article describes a simple application to demonstrate the ENC28J60 EtherShield library. It can be run on a plain Arduino or clone and an ethernet shield based on the ENC28J60 ethernet chip (Note: This is not the same as the official ethernet shield). An alternative is to use the Nanode, wiki site at Hackspace which […]

New EtherShield Library available

The long awaited update to the EtherShield library is now available, the changes in this release include:

DHCP support – Now your project can find its own IP address, dns server and gateway addresses Fixed length problems in main ip code where packet lengths were being passed as bytes not words so as a result […]

Minimal Arduino/AVR compatible boards

If you’ve used an Arduino board for a while and have projects built up using it then you may want to use a much cheaper board in your final application and keep the Arduino for development purposes. There are a number of soultions that could involve making our own minimal hardware using strip board, its […]

Libraries on Github

After the EtherShield library moving to Github, I have now moved 2 more libraries here. These are the Nokia 3110 LCD display and the H1632 LED Matrix library. Full list of repositories are here:


Updated Arduino ENC28J60 Ethernet library available

Finally after slow progress I’m releasing an update to my ENC28J60 Ethernet library. This is version 1.6. There is still work that can be done on it but for now I’m sending it off into the wild to let others have a play.

Changes made are:

Updated library filenames so that it should compile correctly […]

Tweeting without using OAuth

Since removed the basic authentication it has been more difficult for small embedded devices such as Arduino to post tweets. However there is a solution in the form of

To use this you’ll have to register with the site then allow it to access your twitter account. Once you have your supertweet setup, […]

Internet connected devices: Using Pachube to control a fan

матрациFor a little while now I have been tinkering with a number of Arduino boards, including the Arduino Diecimila, Duemilanove, Freeduino, Jeenode and stripboard versions to see what I could do with them. So far I have been able to:

Blink a LED Display messages on LCD screen Display messages on LED Matrix displays Move […]