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Boys will be Girls

Playstation home on the PS3 is a virtual world where your character can mingle with other characters. Its still only beta so not many areas yet to explore. As you can see, my character is female, slim and in a (geeky) way attractive. After a short while in the game I had a number of […]

snow in London

lots of snow. picture from hotel window, as stayed overnight.

Eye eye…

Bruised eye after coming off bicycle on ice.

The bruise on my leg took almost a week to show, was about 7 inches long and 3 inches across.

Lego USB Stick part 2

Picture shows usb stick with matching cap made from a 4 stud brick & 12 stud flat piece to hold them together.

Home made Lego usb memory stick

ThesE are made from genuine 8 stud Lego bricks with 1Gb usb memory sticks embedded in them using epoyx glue. The memory sticks have a small physical size and fit without having to file away the plastic inside the Lego brick. Now to make end caps!


Not a good day for Argos

Looks like the websit for retailer Argos is not working today after a failed update to some systems. Just what you need in the run up to the busiest shopping period of the year!

First snow of the winter

This was taken of the window ledge outside my office window. Not much left but I did see a few cars with snow on them as I walked from Moorgate tube statio this morning.

Ghost Town

This is one of the many empty shops on Northbrook street in Newbury, Berkshire. It is partly down to a large re-development of the area where shops have been forced to close prior to demolition. It soon won’t be worth visiting the town with better and bigger shopping areas in Basingstoke and Reading. This is […]

USB controlled LCD project

This is a picture of my latest Arduino project, a USB controlled LCD information display. The software emulates the command set from a commercial display so that it can easily be controlled by either windows or linux software. It currently supports the basics including cursor positioning, display clear and custom characters. The client application displays […]

Prize draw winnings

I got call a few days ago from the publishers of Linux Format magazine to say I’d won a top prize in the prize draw after completing a survey. It arrived quickly. It is a 1TB external hard disk unit. Sadly only usb connection. Inside are 2 500GB SATA drives. May even add these to […]