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The event of the year

Last night we went to the preview show of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo. After we queued for almost an hour in light rain we got to our seats. The show started 15 minutes late due to the extra security searches and the number of people there. The rain came down for the first half of […]

guess where

An easy one to work out.

First Great Western suck!!

taken on a severely overcrowded bus replacement service with more people standing than seated. This was against the stated capacities for the Bus.

More rotten fruit at Tesco

A second lot of rotten satsumas seen in the Newbury store on Sunday 22/06/2008.

Tesco sells mouldy fruit.

Seen in the Newbury Tesco store today. The quality of the citrus fruit was generally very poor.

Wookey Hole caves

No, its not where Chewbacca comes from. These are the famous caves near Wells in Somerset, England. It was quite expensive to visit but the caves themselves were quite impressive.

The picture was taken on my phone in the last and largest cavern you can visit. Flash photography was banned due to it […]

Wifi router hacking

This is the USB to Serial to ttl levels convertor used to access the serial port on my FON wifi router. I built it to downgrade the firmware then apply a hack to install a set of addons to give more control and monitoring on the fon router. In effect, it created an expert mode! […]


Strange white stuff fell overnight!

As you can see, we had about 3 inches of snow overnight and at the time the picture was taken, it was still snowing. Unfortunately most of it had gone by the afternoon.

New ticket barriers for London Paddington

These are being installed across platforms 10 to 14, leaving only platforms 6 to 9 without barriers. 6 and 7 are the Heathrow connect service so they don’t matter. my usual evening train leaves from 8 so no barriers there. however my morning train arrives on 10 so I expect huge queues to get through […]

Finaly got it up…

finaly got it up…. Its actually been up for a couple of weeks now. No dropped needles yet.