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Thing Innovations

Its been a little while since there has been any updates here, but I’ve mainly been working on the IoT Consultancy part of my company which is over at This is trying to work in the IoT area with new and innovative solutions. The first major project that I’m involved with is the Oxford […]

2013 – Personally a great year!

Out with the old, in with the new. I’ll be sad to see 2013 go as for me personally it was a great year. I did a bunch of cool stuff, met loads of cool and interesting people and generally I’ve been living the freelancer dream!

Some of the things I have done or achieved […]

New Toy – Advent 4211 Netbook

Not much at the moment, but my new toy is Advent 4211 Netbook. It is basically a re-badged MSI Wind but for less than the MSI version!


Strange white stuff fell overnight!

As you can see, we had about 3 inches of snow overnight and at the time the picture was taken, it was still snowing. Unfortunately most of it had gone by the afternoon.

New ticket barriers for London Paddington

These are being installed across platforms 10 to 14, leaving only platforms 6 to 9 without barriers. 6 and 7 are the Heathrow connect service so they don’t matter. my usual evening train leaves from 8 so no barriers there. however my morning train arrives on 10 so I expect huge queues to get through […]

FON – Community Wifi for free

I’d been looking at FON for a while now and decided to initially register as an Alien to see what its all about, then decided to take the plunge and order my own La Fonera, their own router, based on OpenWRT software. The basic idea is that you install the route, register it and it […]

Happy New Year

says it all really!

Argos website cant cope with traffic

Looks like all the online xmas shoppers have brought the Argos website to its knees. Looked like a temporary glitch, was all fixed in about 30 minutes.

Not very green

This is the queue of traffic waiting to get into my local recycling centre. Traffic is queued in both directions blocking the road for quite a distance. This is enough to put anyone off recycling!

After a death at my local recycling centre earlier in the year it has re-opened with drastically reduced opening […]

All I got was….

I went to the British Museum and all I got was this Terracotta warrior from China!! And the rather expensive book of the exhibition.

Friday evening I went along to the First Emperor exhibition at the British Museum. I got there about 50 minutes before my ticket time to check out the queues […]