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British Museum – The First Emperor: China’s Terracotta Army

I’m going to see The First Emperor: China’s Terracotta Army at the British Museum on Friday evening after work. I booked my ticket a week before the exhibition opened and there were plenty of tickets available but I’ve looked today and its almost fully booked right up to the end of its run in April […]

Fitness to Practice :: Home of the London Underground song

In view of the current disruption caused by the lazy London Underground staff, this seems rather approriate this week: Fitness to Practice :: Home of the London Underground song

Warning, dont listen if easily offended by bad language and swearing, or you happen to work (if you can call it that) for London Underground.




Ok, so I’m back from holidays in the Lake District. I’ve not had time to do any updates here, so just a quick one for now. I need to get the posting by mobile phone sorted out again so I can post photo messages wherever I am.

What did we do on holiday, walked, drove, […]

A little rain…

We had a bit of rain on Friday…

Roundabout near Railway station.

Flooded road.

Roundabout near Local Secondary School and Leisure centre

Road going past local Secondary School and Leisure centre

The water was all gone from here by early evening as I went down to retrieve my stranded car from […]

Pain on the Trains

Its a friday and I have a family gathering to attend in the evening, so I leave work over an hour earlier thna usual to try to get the train leaving London Paddington at 16:18. I’m waiting for the train to leave when there is an announcement that all services are suspended due to a […]

Life Begins at 40

Or so they say. Lets see if its true, now that I have reached this age.

No big motorbikes yet. Although I did splash out on a new Nintendo Wii games console. Partly form birthday money na dpartly form the left over winnings from the previous weekends horse racing.

Well, 40, here I am. What […]

The Sinclair Spectrum – 25 years young!

Those were the days. Watching the pretty patterns on the tv screen waiting for the latest game to load. The kids today dont even know they’re born! The Sinclair ZX Spectrum turns 25, see BBC News article How the Spectrum began a revolution. I started with a Sinclair ZX80, one of the predecessors of the […]

A close shave

I was in a local sports shop, looking for kids trainers whan all of a sudden a large box section housing lights fell from the wall onto the floor. This looked to be a heavy item as it took 3 staff members to lift and carry out of the store. It fell about 8 feet […]

Bad Customer Services of the week – Orange

I’ve had to call Orange customer services/technical support twice in the last week. The first was for a problem with a newly installed broadband service. The username and password were not working. However the password was one that was given by myself when I signed up for the service. The problem was they entered it […]

First Great Western Hate Sites

Found a number of other angry commuters using First Great Western services:

Farce Great Western

I Hate First Great Western

Max’s Commuter train Journeys

The Scandal that is First Great Western

More Train Less Strain