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Diet or full fat?

Coke? No way. Brake fluid! This came out when I bled the system to replace the fluid that was at least 2 years old. After replacing the fluid, the brakes feel better.


Ok, so I’m back from holidays in the Lake District. I’ve not had time to do any updates here, so just a quick one for now. I need to get the posting by mobile phone sorted out again so I can post photo messages wherever I am.

What did we do on holiday, walked, drove, […]

Sick Car

Just as we are preparing for our summer holiday, the car starts playing up. We were in town fairly early when it started miss-firing so drove straight round to the local Renault dealer for them to have a look at. One of the ignition coils is on its way out, but its not all the […]

Towbar fitted

In preparation for this summers camping trip, I have now fitted a towbar to the new (to me) Scenic. The towbar was originally fitted to a previous Scenic I had so it had all the fittings except for 2 captive nuts that were not removed from the original car. These I had to make up […]

New Car

Just a couple of pics of my new car, a Renault Scenic 1.6 RXE.

Vectra R.I.P.

As in Rust In Peace.

My old Vauxhall Vectra finally gave up on me this week. Pulling away from the toll booths on the M6 Toll road, the cambelt snapped. As I was running at about 70mph at the time, there is likely to be a lot of internal engine damage, especially to the valves […]

GPS Navigation Systems

After upgrading my phone recently I’ve got a copy of the TomTom navigation software installed. I purchased a small bluetooth GPS device and together with the phone they make quite a good system. Here are a few observations in the way the navigation software works:

It only recognises roads. I tried this on a train […]

Its alive!

OK, so this is a bit of a dramatic title. My car has now been fixed, one head gasket replacement later, including head bolts, manifold gaskets, cam cover gasket and various other seals its now running fine. The oxygen sensor was only contaminated with water vapour, so once the gasket was fixed and the fault […]

Car dies – part 2

Well, it looks fairly serious. My old motor was taken away today to be repaired. It looks like it was a head gasket failure, probably from the coolant to combusiton chamber, this would have then caused the oxygen sensor to fail and bring the whole car to a halt. These cars are so full of […]

Happy New Year!

Its 2007 already, ok, so I’m a day late with this. Just got back from almost 2 weeks away from home. In this time I’ve driven over 1000 miles to the north of England, down to the south west and back. My biggest question for the new year is “When will drivers learn to use […]