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PSP Firmware update 2.70

Sony have now released the latest update for the PSP, this time version 2.70 includes:

Ability to save RSS podcasts to the memory stick. New flash player built into the web browser Updated support for the LocationFree base staion soon to be released in the UK. Support for more audio file formats.

On the downside:


Creating a RSS feed for the Sony PSP

With the recent release of the PSP firmware 2.60 and its support for mp3 media via the RSS reader, I’ve been looking at how to create RSS feeds from my music collection.

Lets have a look at an example of the XML to implement this:

This first section is the header and feed definition, it […]

PSP RSS doesnt support text feeds

After trying the new RSS channel reader in the new PSP 2.60 firmware, I’ve found it doesn’t support text only feeds. This is a very big dissapointment. It only allows playing of MP3 and ACC (MPEG4) audio files so is not as useful as first thought. Its a nice try Sony, but do a proper […]

New PSP Firmware out now

Sony have gone and released a new version of the PSP firmware, this time its version 2.60. So what is new?

RSS Reader as part of the network options – I’ve found this can be used to play podcasts. BBC are running Download and Podcast Trial where a selection of shows are available and once […]

New PSP Game

Available in Argos for £29.99 which is £10 cheaper than most other places, plus I had a voucher for 10% off so saved another £3.

Unfortunately I’m not allowed to play the game yet 🙁 I’ve got to wait until Christmas day.


Wathcing DVDs on a PSP

There is a lot of info on this subject out there already and there are commercial packages to try. Since I don’t lke to spend money unless I have to, this is a quick description of how I convert the DVDs I own so I can watch them on the train into work.


DVDDecrypter […]

PSP Firmware update 2.50 is out

The latest firmware for the Sony PSP is out and installed. The most interesting feature is the LocationFree player, but unfortunately the base stations are not yet available in the UK and there is no info yeat on setting up a compatible system using open source tools. Apparently a lot of the software used is […]

PSP Firmware update 2.01 is out

I did a check on my PSP network Update option, sure enough the recent update from Sony was downloaded. I’ve not yet installed it as I want to see what other changes they’ve made to it. It looks like it might just be fixes to stop the buffer overflow trick in the images being used […]

PSP Multiplayer

I’m currently trying out an interesting bit of software that is supposed to enable a PSP to play multiplayer games over the internet when the game was originally intended to work with a number of PSP near each other. The ida is that there is a piece of software that listens for game requests from […]