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WordPress Upgrade

I’ve just completed an upgrade of the wordpress software and database used to create this site. I’ve not updated my theme yet so I’m curently using the plain old wordpress default.

eSpares to the rescue again

Our vacuum cleaner wasn’t working properly so looked underneath to find the roller had lost most of its bristles. I had a check on to see if they had a new brush roller. Sure enough they did adn along with a new drive belt the vacuum cleaner cleans up like new!

How much junk do we collect?

A lot of it I can tell you. I spent a day recently clearing junk out of my loft/attic and took 2 car loads to the local dump. This was after taking out the rear seats to give me extra room! I have only sorted through about 1/3 of the loft space so I expect […]

Out and about in London

On a recent trip into London I bumped into a couple of famous people.

Sarah Michelle Gellar, aka Buffy the Vampire slayer.

The late Ayrton Senna, triple Formula 1 world champion.

Some green guy that decided to crash the party.

Well, ok, it was in Madame Tussauds waxwork museum in London. never […]

Network USB Hub

I’ve got one of these little devices this week: Network USB Hub. What an interesting bit of kit it is. It allows 5 directly connected USB devices to be accessible over a network from a number of windows or Mac OS machines. Currently there is only one printer and one laptop using this although the […]

I had an off…

Last Friday evening, 30th November, while cycling home in the rain I had a slight incident with a sign post. I had just crossed a road at a light controlled crossing and was building up speed when I was blinded by car headlights. I recall seeing this post appear in front of me and the […]

DIY freezer repairs

I’ve this week replaced a broken hinge on our small freezer in the cupboard under the stairs. The freezer has been going strong for a number of years now and recently one of the hinges broke. After pulling it out of its home I found the hinges were held on by 4 screws. Armed with […]

All I got was….

I went to the British Museum and all I got was this Terracotta warrior from China!! And the rather expensive book of the exhibition.

Friday evening I went along to the First Emperor exhibition at the British Museum. I got there about 50 minutes before my ticket time to check out the queues […]

Annoying People

Either I’m getting old or I’m a magnet for peoples bad and inconsiderate behaviour while travelling. Some examples:

On a wet Monday morning, people getting on train with wet coats and bags dripping over me, no apologies whatsoever A woman sat next to me with her mp3 player up so loud I could hear hers […]

Fitness to Practice :: Home of the London Underground song

In view of the current disruption caused by the lazy London Underground staff, this seems rather approriate this week: Fitness to Practice :: Home of the London Underground song

Warning, dont listen if easily offended by bad language and swearing, or you happen to work (if you can call it that) for London Underground.