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Getting ready for camping trip

Getting the camping gear out ready for our summer holiday camping trip to Norfolk.

Sunday ride out – New Forest

I’ve been for a ride out with some of the members of the Yamaha Diversion club today. This started with a gentle run from Newbury to Ower in Hampshire with another member, starting out arounbd 7:15am. The idea was to meet up with some of the others for the Breakfast Run to Lepe Beach on […]

Rot at home – Tesco peaches

Peaches bought yesterday in local Tesco Extra… 5 are rotten already. Not good. Took them back, at this point they were leaking out of the bag. I got my money back on them. It seems that lately the quality of produce in Tesco Newbury is very poor. I have come across quate a lot of […]

My MCN Lucky number winnings.

Ok so its not a track day, helmet, leathers or even a bike but its better than a kick in the teeth. Its an Auto Glym bike valet kit. It includes bike cleaner, instant shine, degreaser, visor cleaner and polishing cloth.

Now there are no excuses for having a dirty bike!!!


Revenge of the pasties…

Largest pastie spotted @ paddington station!!

Ant Watching…

James examining the ants….

Val bought one of these gel filled Ant homes for the office. So after a couple of trips to find ants, there are about a dozen living there. Hopefully they will start to burrow and dig tunnels in the gel. Or they kill each other and we have to find […]

Free Rail Travel – if you know how!

My local railway company employ so called ticket inspectors, but the thing thay cant do is inspect tickets. OK, so these guys are looking for people without tickets, fine, but what about people who show an old ticket? They very rarely pick up on the fact that the ticket is weeks, if not months out […]

Routine Maintenance

The time was right for some routine maintenance on the old tin box. After a good cleanof the carpets inside and the dash, the outside was given a good jetwash and polish. All the black trim was treated to rub with Back To Black spray turning it from the dirty gray to sparkling black in […]

Evening Ride

What a pleasant ride out this evening. Only did about 40 miles round West Berkshire and Oxfordshire but it was a good ride all the same. Not a lot of traffic on the A4 Newbury to Hungerford, or the A338 up to Wantage and on the B4494 back down towards Newbury.

I managed to kill […]

Welcome Citizens!

Welcome to my corner of the web. I hope you have a pleasant visit. Not a lot here at the moment but I hope to build it up soon. My interests are Computing, Motorcycling and beer.