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Project T80

Newly aquire project. A Yamaha T80 TownMate. A 1983, 4 stroke 80cc shaft drive bike. It need a bit of work to tidy up and get going. Is an ideal winter project. More later.

Video page added

I’ve had a mini DV Camcorder since the beginning of July, not done a lot yet, so still playing around. I’ve done the usual holiday recording and still need to complete the edit for that and burn to DVD.

I have started a video page where I can post interesting short clips.

Not a lot […]


While travelling back from a wedding on sunday we experienced a very rare occurance, a breakdown. We came off the M5 heading towards Cheltenham and I thought the clutch pedal felt a little softer than normal. After finding the A40 and heading towards Oxford the clutch pedal was down to the floor with no resistance […]

What are they doing?

My local train station has been turned into a building site. They have been there over a week now and what have they done? Not a lot! Looks like all they have done is fence off the carpark and road, spray paint a few lines and clear an overgrown patch of ground. And not forgetting […]

Picture Quality

Apologies for the quality of some of the pictures posted here, they were taken with a Handspring Treo 600 (Palm) mobile phone/pda. Some of the pictures were taken in bright sunshine, hence the blue colouring and general poor quality.

More rotten produce in Tesco

Found 2 packs of value mixed peppers in Tesco metro Newbury. One red pepper in each pack was showing clear signs of mould. This was reported to a member of staff who removed them from the shelves. I think this needs another complaint to Tesco customer services.


Packed up and ready for home.

All loaded up and ready for the journey back to Berkshire via A11, M11, M25, M4 and A4 to Thatcham. This is approx 180 miles. The light patch on the gras is where the tent was and the grass underneath became yellow. Give it a day or two in the sun and it will be […]

Beating the scammers.

Ok so its a little radio won on the 2p slider machines in the amusement arcade. Well the scam is done by looking for prizes that are jammed against the edge of the machine and calling the attendant to fix it. Ok he gives you the prize and re-positions the jammed prize. There were 2 […]

Happy families…

Having a quick pint at Lowestoft. Happy families…

Framlinghan castle Suffolk

Castle as seen from outside while having lunch. Another fine ruin castle boasting 13 towers.