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What next?

The front page headline from yesterdays free Metro. What next I ask? Has the country gone mad? This is just utter crap! Its supposedly to protect the babies rights? what rights? They are babies for gods sake, most parents are proud of their new offspring and want to show them off.

What next? banning walking […]

Bad Driving

Coming back from a run on the bike yesterday I was tailgated by some chav in a red ford escort who thought the highway code doesn’t apply to them. Firstly he tries to overtake on the exit of a roundabout, then proceeds to tailgate me along a 40mph stretch of road. As it had just […]

Project T80 Update 2

Work done today:

Completely strip down handlebars, cut off broken bolt, drill out hole and weld in new bolt. Clean up and paint underside of handlebars in smooth blue Hammerite to cover up the surface rust patches that were there. Put side-stand back onto foot pegs bracket with replacement bolt found in spares bag.

Off […]

Project T80 Update 1

Work done so far:

Remove front forks, clean up and re-grease head bearings. Remove side stand and pegs, clean up and paint. Need to find a new bolt for side stand though as I broke the bolt removing it. Stripped down handle bars Removed air filter box and found there is no foam air filter […]

Orange – Rip off company

What a rip-off, Orange, the mobile phone company decide to drop a package I have and charge me full price for GPRS traffic without telling me. Totally wrong. Their customer service people were totally unhelpful. They give an average service with crap customer service and treat us poor customers like dirt.

Time to move on […]

Selfish Morons

I went to fill up with petrol on tuesday night as the tank was almost out. My local Tesco store had people directing the traffic to the pumps because of all this panic buying. The biggest problem I saw was the selfish morons who where topping up with 2 litres of fuel. How pathetic is […]

A sporting injury!

Injured toe, from playing beach volleyball on friday afternoon. It doesn’t look broken but the skin at the top of the nail has split and it has become painfull and swollen.

Project T80 – first part cleaned up

First part cleaned up. The white was covered in black or blue spray paint splatters. It looks liek somone had done some spraying near it without covering it up.

Reverse clutch bleeding

A home made reverse pressure bleeding tool. The idea is to push brake fluid into the system via the bleed screw. This is for difficult to bleed systems where air is trapped. It is made with a small oil can with an extension pip to reach the bleed screw. First some fluid must be drawn […]

Project T80 – It Runs

I charged up the battery using a borrowed battery charger that was capable of being set to 6v instead of 12v. It had not been run for about 2 years so I wasn’t hopefull it would start. After a few goes on the kickstart it gave a few splutters and looked like it might fire. […]