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Weekend shorts

Top film to see is Wallace And Gromit Curse of the Were-Rabbit. Very funny film, the kids even enjoyed it. Check it out at

Did an oil and filter change on the old motor, it should run a bit sweeter now.

Project T80 Minor Update – Made up a panel for the patch to […]

Wall painting 2

The second wall painting we had done. This time its a dragon bursting out of the wall.

Wall painting 1

A wall painting on kids bedroom wall. Painted by a friend of my wife.

Fireworks night

For those of you that don’t know when fireworks night, or bonfire night as its sometimes called, its on 5th November each year and has been for as long as I can remember. Not 28th October or even earlier.

Do I really care? No I don’t, its your money you are burning. You may as […]

Proposed Motorcycle licence changes

So whats this all about? More European interferance? If the UK government backs proposals from Europe that would make it more difficult, costly and take many more years to obtain a full motorcycle license it would have a dramatic impact on the whole UK motorcycle industry.

The key proposals are:

The minimum age for riding […]

Trains – What a Shambles

So what happened today? Some muppets cut through power cables near Twyford causing total chaos for train services between Reading and London Paddington today. I got as far as Reading and turned back, eventually getting home to do some work. It was the more productive option. I didn’t fancy standing all the way to Waterloo […]

Project T80 Update 4

Just a minor update, the rear wheel is off. Spotted a hole in the lower part of the wheel arch that joins to the frame. Not a good sign so will have to be patched and welded up. I had felt this on the inside while te petrol tank was removed but wasn’t sure if […]

Car troubles

More problems with the car, this time it looks like a lower front engine mount has broken, as a result the engine and transmission are tilted and rubbing on the drive shaft.

The car currently in the garage for repairs. And thanks to them I now have a courtesy car for the weekend until mine […]

PSP Firmware update 2.50 is out

The latest firmware for the Sony PSP is out and installed. The most interesting feature is the LocationFree player, but unfortunately the base stations are not yet available in the UK and there is no info yeat on setting up a compatible system using open source tools. Apparently a lot of the software used is […]

Project T80 Update 3

The front end is now back together with a new front brake cable. The chrome headlamp clamp was cleaned upand re-fitted. There is however a problem in that the headlight doesn’t work, I’ve not looked at where the problem lies, could be the switch, wiring or headlamp unit itself. The indicators work and look good […]