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Bad train week

So autumn is here with a splash, the trains into London via Reading aservices by First Great Western are starting to suffer. What is it going to be like when the leaves start to fall off the trees in greater numbers? What will happen when it gets colder?

Its nothing to look forward to, its […]

Warning to users

If you are a user of and decide to change your monthly plan then don’t bother using the website. You might think its been changed, but it won’t be. The site is a complete load of crap. It doesn’t work. I changed my plan, waited until the next billing period only to find it […]

Tool wall

Its about time I added another picture, its been a while. This is my tool rack in the workshop (garage). Its positioned above a fold out workbench that sometimes gets used when there is room. Currently project T80 is in the way, which is having its front end put back together. Control cables and wiring […]

PSP Firmware update 2.01 is out

I did a check on my PSP network Update option, sure enough the recent update from Sony was downloaded. I’ve not yet installed it as I want to see what other changes they’ve made to it. It looks like it might just be fixes to stop the buffer overflow trick in the images being used […]

Vectra Clutch update

Its been over a month now since I changed the clutch master cylinder. Everything has been fine since then so it looks like the clutch problems have been cured.

Wobbly front wheel

Just got back from a ride out, since it was a pleasant afternoon out. The only problem is that I felt a bit of a wobble from the front end of the bike, took hands off the bars slightly to find that they started shaking. Something’s not right here. On closer inspection it appears that […]

Kids have no respect

Young people today have no respect for anything. Witnessed outside of my own house today, 3 boys walk past, one of them throws a glass bottle into the air and watches it crash down onto the pavement. Did they bother to clear it up. No, they ran off after I went out to challenge them.


Pardon? What did you say?

This is the phrase that all those people who listen to their personal stereos way too loud will be saying when they get asked something. I was on an underground train today, there was a girl sharing her music with everyone else in the carriage. It sounded like she was proably already deaf as the […]

PSP Multiplayer

I’m currently trying out an interesting bit of software that is supposed to enable a PSP to play multiplayer games over the internet when the game was originally intended to work with a number of PSP near each other. The ida is that there is a piece of software that listens for game requests from […]

Playstation 2 Power Supply recall

Looks like the quality controls at Sony have not been up to scratch in 2004. They have found a fault in power supply units manufactured between August and December 2004. Of the 2.3 million units sold thy have had about 4 problems in the US and 4 in Europe/Asia. As we have 2 of these […]