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Fossil fuels won’t last for ever

What is the only sensible solution? Building more nuclear power stations to replace the aging ones we already have is the only solution for the UK.

What other options are there?

Wind? Its never windy 24×7 so expect the lights to go out at some point. Solar? Do we have enough sun? I think not! […]

Where is the snow?

People trapped on Bodmin Moor last Friday/Saturday and snow in the Cotswolds on Monday, so when is it coming to West Berkshire? The most we’ve seen is a few hard frosts. The roads were ‘interesting’ this morning while cycling to the station, it was quite slippy and I nearly ended up on the ground!

Talking […]

What is the government up to?

So the reports says there will be a total ban on smoking in public places by 2007. So how are the government going to recover the tax they are likely to lose on less people being able to smoke when and where they like? One solution is to enable us to purchase and consume more […]

I must be getting old

So I’m getting older, I’m listening to BBC – Radio 2, well to be exact, yesterdays Jonathan Ross show.

New bicycle tyres

New tyres and inner tubes ready to be fitted to my bicycle. Only cheap ones from Tesco. £14 for the lot. 🙂

Update New tyres fitted. Only downside is they are slightly wider than the old ones, but that won’t matter, its only a bicycle! Also managed to snap my rear mudguard while turning […]

Sites I’ve visited this week

Some sites that I’ve visited this week (other than the regulars):

Outside In Some interesting links posted on a regular basis. (Hi Val 🙂 )

hack a day Some interesting projects, hardware hacking, diy-flame throwers etc.

Trail Fix Wheel Truing Fixing a bent bicycle wheel, something I should really do to mine, but fixing the […]

XBox 360 Crashes

So all those people who pre-ordered the new XBox 360 in the UK and are waiting for it must be feeling pretty sick now, knowing that the thing is likely to crash on them!

Read more on the BBC News Technology page.

Oh, how I laughed! I’m waiting for the PS3, which will be […]

Flat tyre

I went to get on my bicycle to travel back home from the station tonight only to find the rear tyre was completely flat. After a walk home pushing it I took off the wheel and checked the inner tube. A perfectly round hole in the side of the tyre. Accidental? I think not, someone […]

Cake number 2

As I hinted last week, I’ve now made a second Christmas cake. Technically its only a rich fruit cake at the moment, once decorated it will be a Christmas cake.

The photo doesn’t give a true representation, plus you can’t smell it, just use your imagination!


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

If you’ve not yet seen it, then grab the kids and go. If you’ve got no kids then borrow some; they’ll thank you for it. We were sat in our seats for an arse aching 3 1/2 hours for this. We got there early so as to get good seats and to beat the crowds […]