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New PSP Game

Available in Argos for £29.99 which is £10 cheaper than most other places, plus I had a voucher for 10% off so saved another £3.

Unfortunately I’m not allowed to play the game yet 🙁 I’ve got to wait until Christmas day.


Close Shave

I’d just like to say “LOOK WHERE YOU ARE F***ING GOING” to the stupid bitch that almost had me off my bicycle tonight. I was turning right on a mini roundabout when this stupid cow in a dark coloured Audi decided she had right of way, almost knocking me of. I think she must have […]

Its the time of year…

…To buy the ingredients and make your christmas cake. You can’t beat a home made christmas cake laced with brandy. Its even better if its had a month or more to soak it up and flavour the fruit. Its one of those events where the whole family joins in. The kids shout out the ingredients […]

Converting VHS tapes to DVD

I have about 15 old X-Files VHS tapes that I thought I’d like to transfer to DVD, plus a bunch of other tapes of old camcorder footage that I’d like to do something with. What I needed was some PCI based solution as at the time I didn’t have PC with USB 2. I found […]

Nice Blondes

Just got to share this small picture of me taken while at the bikeshow last weekend. I though they would send one via email but looks like its going to be a proper printed version. Here is the sample though:

Wathcing DVDs on a PSP

There is a lot of info on this subject out there already and there are commercial packages to try. Since I don’t lke to spend money unless I have to, this is a quick description of how I convert the DVDs I own so I can watch them on the train into work.


DVDDecrypter […]

Site updates

Well, I’ve finally started looking at a theme for this site. The first part is the new header at the top. There is still work to do to get it looking right for me. Hope you like it.

Most of the testing of the theme is done locally on my local copy of this site, […]

NEC Bike Show 2005

On Saturday I visited the bike show at the NEC, Birmingham. Lots of nice bikes and babes. It was expensive, parking was £7, entry was £15, plus 200 miles worth of petrol to get there and back. As it was a saturday, the place was very busy. There were kids jumping in front of you […]

Train service compensation

After the cancelled trains on 27th October, I found a claim form on the First Great Western website detailing how to make a claim for disrupted travel. So, with form completed and ticket for the 27th I went into my local station ticket office and claimed my compensation. This worked out to be about 50% […]

Blind police

I was at a pedestrian crossing outside Liverpool st station in London, the lights changed to red for cars and green fo pedestrians, people started to walk across and some stupid arse in a silver bmw decided the red lights don’t apply to him. A dozen people had to jump out of the way of […]