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Project T80 update 5

Well, after a long break from T80 I’ve finally got round to doing the welding round the lower rear fender area. A plate was also put on the outside and the whole lot given a generous coating of wax based underseal.

Its Official – McDonalds fries cooked in diesel!

From a notice in my local McDonalds fast food place (I hesitate to call it a restaurant!), they say they are experiencing supply difficulties due to the fire at the Buncefield oil depot. Now, what could an oil depot supply McDonalds other than the stuff they use to fry their fries and burgers in? I […]

Christmas Cake tasting

The first tasting has taken place of my christms cakes. All I can say is its very good, even if I say so myself. The second cake will be tried once te first has been completely eaten, I expect this to be in the next day or two.

Looks like they are not going […]

Slight Accident

I was on my way to work today when I came off my bicycle. I clipped a low kerb at the edge of the path I was on while overtaking a pedestrian. I landed hard on my right shoulder. At the time it didn’t hurt, but as the day went on it got worse. I […]

Christmas cakes

2 cakes, marzipaned and iced. Yummy!! 1Kg of icing & 500g of marzipan were used.

Alternative fairy for a christmas tree

Our regular fairy, during her time in the attic since last christmas; she seems to have been bitten by a vampire, so now look at her! Also she appears to have had a sex change during the year, so now its a transgender vampire fairy!

Made by my kids with little help from […]

Tape drive repairs

My DLT4000 had stopped working the other day. I tried a replacement but that didn’t work. I then spotted the problem, the tape loading strap had come off its holder. I threaded it round and back on to where it goes. A quick power on and its now fine. Now I need to find my […]

Creating a RSS feed for the Sony PSP

With the recent release of the PSP firmware 2.60 and its support for mp3 media via the RSS reader, I’ve been looking at how to create RSS feeds from my music collection.

Lets have a look at an example of the XML to implement this:

This first section is the header and feed definition, it […]

SMS to Fixed Line – How to stop it

I’ve started to recieve messages on my answering machine saying I’d received a text message, when I try to retrieve it, it is either blank, music, pictures or not readable. I’d never signed up for this service, my phone doesn’t support it so how do I stop it? The BT website wasn’t much help, but […]

Motorists urged not to panic-buy

More examples of people being dumb and sheep like. Panic buying fuel will cause a shortage in the area supplied by the burning depot, thinking there will be shortages. This isn’t the only fuel depot in the country. Panic buying like this will cause shortages as tankers will have to travel a bit further from […]