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eBayer pays £470 for photo of Xbox 360

Hehehe, people are so dumb and don’t read auction items properly. Looks like this got a bit out of hand and the seller is now ‘NARU’. Look like ebay took a dim view of this auction. See the story on The Register. The auction item was still there earlier this afternoon but has now been […]

I feel the need for Speed…

And I’m not talking drugs here… I’ve just checked my broadband speed and find that its been increased, as promised by NTL. It doesn’t quite reach the 10Mb/s they are currently touting, but its at least double the 3Mb/s it used to be. Here is a little screen shot from a speed test done with […]

Beer Beer…

…we want more Beer.

The Christmas and New Year Ale has now been started. 40 pints of mixture is currently sat in my airing cupboard fermenting for about 4 to 6 days. At that point it will be transfered into a 5 gallon pressure barrel for it to clear and become drinkable.

PSP RSS doesnt support text feeds

After trying the new RSS channel reader in the new PSP 2.60 firmware, I’ve found it doesn’t support text only feeds. This is a very big dissapointment. It only allows playing of MP3 and ACC (MPEG4) audio files so is not as useful as first thought. Its a nice try Sony, but do a proper […]

New PSP Firmware out now

Sony have gone and released a new version of the PSP firmware, this time its version 2.60. So what is new?

RSS Reader as part of the network options – I’ve found this can be used to play podcasts. BBC are running Download and Podcast Trial where a selection of shows are available and once […]