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How long….

….until someone modifies this picture?

Looks like Tony Blair got caught in a compromising position!

Ready for icy weather

All dressed up for the cycle to the station on a very cold morning.

Random updates

Not a lot happening lately, I have managed to get hold of a wireless gaming adaptor. Its a D-Link DWL-G820, its a US version but still works fine with my wireless router. I’ve only just set it up via a laptop and not yet used it with a Playstation 2. This will have to wait […]

PS2 Online Gaming

I had my old PS2 set up for on-line gaming and it worked quite well. Since I traded my PS2 in for my PSP I’ve not played any, so thinking of trying it again with the two remaining PS2s in the house. Setting up the first one downstairs was straightforward, Its plugged into an ethernet […]

Road legal again

Picture of bike after coming through its MOT test today. Just one slight avisory on front fork possibly leaking. Ordered new seal and bush to fix it.

First Ride of 2006

I’ve now had my first bike ride of 2006. A new front tyre was fitted yesterday, this feels fine and with no sign of wheel wobble that was there before. Its now booked in for a MOT at the weekend so fingers crossed, its back on the road legally next week.