Project T80 – Update 6

Well, the T80 has a new seat, instead of buying a new seat cover I went the whole way and splashed out £15 on a good used seat from a guy on eBay. So now it has a new seat fitted, although it is still missing the swingarm that was removed recently and found to […]

Olympus – E-500

My wife has just bought herself a new camera, the Olympus – E-500 dual lens kit. Currently on special offer in out local Currys/Dixons stores with a handy case, 1Gb compact flash cartridge and an Olympus photo printer. We were not too bothered with the printer, but were dissapointed to find the camera wasn’t the […]

More Car troubles

The old vectra didn’t let me down, its one of those things, it sounded like a blowing exhaust and it was coming from the front of the car. This was looking expensive as the front section includes the catalytic convertor which can be expensive to replace. I had the exhaust checked out and it was […]


This is the sort of homebrew I like. It has taken about 6 weeks to clear properly and is now very drinkable. It has a slightly nutty taste and is like a traditional British ale. From the leaflet, the ABV should be around 4.5%


What the f*** is going on here?

Some people get offended by a couple of caricature cartoons and burn down a foreign embasy as reported here BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | Embassies burn in cartoon protest. An attack on an embassy is like an attack on that country and could be seen as an act of war.

You don’t […]