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Fixing Forks

When I had my bike MOT done in January, there was an advisory on a leaking fork seal. I’d got the bits but never actually got round to changing it. As the weather is supposed to be getting warmer (yeah right!) and drier there would be more ride-outs happening so I needed the fork seal […]

PSP games

My collection of Playstation Portable games….

Wipeout Pure Fired Up Lumines Go! Sudoku Grand Theft Auto: Liberty city stories Midway Arcade Treasures

Wardriving in West Berkshire

I’ve used a bit of spare kit to put together a simple wardriving system that is capable of recording wireless access points, their details and location. To use this I have the following:

Toshiba Libretto 50CT, CPU overclocked to 120Mhz running windows 98 with Netstumbler software. Orinoco based pcmcia wireles lan adaptor. Enhanced port replicator […]

Site update

I’ve finally managed to get round to updating the WordPress software on this site. its a bit of a pain to do as I have to use a dial up modem to access the cgi server as my regular internet connectivity is via a different ISP to the one that hosts the site, my mail […]

Hosepipes banned by Thames Water

Not yet, but will be from April, so the article says BBC NEWS | England | Hosepipes banned by Thames Water.

What is all the fuss about, I don’t think these water people have realised this yet, but we live on a bloody island, we are surrounded by water. This is sea water, but has […]

They call it Modern Art

I had a wander around the Tate Modern today, I still think its full of ‘wierd shit’! However, the large sculptures can be quite impressive. The current exhibition called ‘EMBANKMENT’ by Rachel Whiteread is worth seeing. Just looking down on it doesn’t give you the scale of the piece, you have to wander around it, […]