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Project T80 Update 8

T80 now has a the swingarm and rear wheel re-fitted. Also did a few other jobs, like mount the tank, fit seat, fit carb and part of the air intake box, fit some of the electrical bits and battery bracket.

Still to do:

Remove rear brake lever and free it up. Possibly needs a new […]

I thought a commute of almost 4 hours a day was bad

The Register is reporting a guy who travels 372 miles to work and back, taking around 7 hours. The story is here: Is working at Cisco worth a 7-hour commute?

The main difference, apart from the length is that he drives and I use public transport. It must be one hell of a place he […]

Project T80 Update 7

I’ve finally finished the repairs to the T80’s swingarm and given it a coat of silver hammerite paint. Its shown here swinging from the garage roof to allow the paint to dry before it can be re-fitted to the bike.

First big ride out

Picture of my bike with a few of the other bikes on todays Yamaha Diversion Club Postcombe run. In total I rode about 170 miles. The weather was kind to us with only a light shower all day. Only downside is that I spotted a nail in my rear tyre when checking the tyre preassure […]