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Big Brother MOTs

The old motor went in for its annual MOT test today and I was pleased that it passed with flying colours again. The way the MOT certificate is issued has changed now. It is all computerised so by 2007, all vehicles eligable for a MOT will be on the VOSA database and the test validity […]

Gor blimey! Subservient cult is unleashed on Darlington

Something from my home town from the Guardian Unlimited! Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Gor blimey! Subservient cult is unleashed on Darlington

New gadget – DVB-T USB Digital TV receiver

Picked up this neat little USB dongle that can receive Digital Terrestrial TV.

It took a bit of fiddling to get it working, but after ditching the supplied antenna and using an amplified one I was able to get it tuned in to a range of free to air digital tv channels. The picture […]

Britain’s deadliest road

Interesting read, that one of the roads I’ve used is now classed as Britain’s deadliest road: the 13 bends of death according to this Times Online article. This road is the A4074 from Reading to Oxford and runs past Fox’s Diner, one of the biker hangouts I’ve been known to visit. I’ve also done other […]

Tool of the week

The tool of the week, although I’m not sure which week, is my homemade fork undoing tool. This is used when dismantling the forks on my motorbike to replace the fork seals. It was made up with an old banjo bolt with a smaller bolt welded into the hole down the centre. A deep 13mm […]

Gadget of the week

A tiny universal TV remote control. Bought for a pound in my local Poundland store. It is simple to get it set to work with a tv, if a little time consuming as it needs to step through all the codes. Could be a laugh in a local electronics store turning off all the TVs!


PSP Firmware update 2.70

Sony have now released the latest update for the PSP, this time version 2.70 includes:

Ability to save RSS podcasts to the memory stick. New flash player built into the web browser Updated support for the LocationFree base staion soon to be released in the UK. Support for more audio file formats.

On the downside: