Portable power?

Portable generator currently supplying a large number of properties including mine after the local substation was struck by lightning last week.

How to build a trailer

In preparation for my summer holidays, i’ve now invested in a new trailer for carting the camping gear around this fair isle. While assembling it I decided to leave the camcorder on, along with some time-lapse software I created a short film.

The results are here for your viewing pleasure.

Lightning strikes!

On the morning of 27th July 2006, the local electricity substation was struck by lightning and destroyed in the fire and explosion that occured. As a result the local area lost all power for half a day. This was at an inconvenient time as I was about to get up, shaved, showered and go to […]

New 1GB USB flash drive

My old 128Mb drive was getting too worn and a new larger one was needed. Picked this little one up the other day. Has a nice rubbery feel to it.

All quiet on the western front

Just to report that there hasnt been much happening worth reporting. 🙂