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Back Home

300 miles of mostly motorway driving done in about 6 hours towing the trailer and having a couple of stops. The road conditions were good, no delays at all. We decided to take the M6 Toll road to avoid the M6 round Birmingham. This cost us £7, a regular car was £3.50, so the trailer […]

Feeding the ducks.

The waddle of ducks on the camp site came wandering past looking for their breakfast. A few bits of toast later and they went on their way looking for more food. Today is the last full day of our holidays. We are not doing much today, just a last bit of shopping and start to […]

Put the Cobb on.

This is my new Cobb or bbq to the layman. It uses a few charcoal briquettes to cook anything from sausages to roast chicken and even bread! It comes from South Africa and was highly rated. No fat dripping onto coals and no need to turn food over every 2 minutes. works a treat and […]

I like to ride my bicycle…

Four bicycles chained up to trailer after a 9 mile ride along disused railway line from Keswick to Threlkeld, then back via a stone circle where the views were stunning to say the least!

3 types of people seen in the Lake District… 1. All the gear and no idea – Seen plenty of these, […]

As expexted…

As expected we are having rain in the Lake District. This is the view from the tent on a wet Saturday morning. The large pack of ducks on the site are the only ones enjoying it today! No mountain climbing or cycling today so looks like its going to be a visit to the pencil […]

Summer holidays

We are currently in Keswick in the Lake District on a 2 week summer holiday. The camp site is right on the edge of the lake with views of the mountains from the tent. Nice and peaceful until the fast jets decide to practice low flying throught the valley. Lots of places to visit and […]

What a difference…

… a new set of spark plugs and more importantly, new plug leads make to my car. The old plug leads looked well past their use by date so they were replaced. I should have done this sooner as the car is now much smoother to drive, no more miss-fire and juddering around 30-40mph under […]

Churchill dog balloon

Seen in Basingstoke at the balloon festival shortly before taking a flight in a hot air balloon.

This was shortly before taking our long awaited balloon flight from the centre of the arena of the Balloons over Basingstoke festival. Well worth the wait to go flying with around 20 other balloons. Also got some […]