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Tesco Photo Centre Review

Following our recent holidays we have collected a large number of digital photographs. We’ve printed a few already as A4 size but wanted to have the rest printed as regular 6×4 size. We saw that Tesco Online Photo Centre were doing printed for 5p each. Sounded a good deal.

After registering we found that […]

Its true! Speed Does NOT Kill!

I’d like to stick two fingers up to all these do-gooder anti-speed/anti-everything campaigners. If speed kills, then why is Richard “The Hamster” Hammond still with us after crashing in a jet powered car at over 280mph while filming for BBC Top Gear last week?

Its not the speed you travel at, its how quickly you […]

The invasion has started

Spotted while watching the Broadgate arena webcam on Friday 22nd September – Darth Vader, 4 imperial stormtroopers and a Jedi Knight. Somehow they knew they were being watched.

If you want your own Stormtrooper uniform, they can be bought from

Playing around with webcams

Do a quick google and see what you get.

Google Search

A couple of interesting ones:

BBC Carpark Broadgate Arena near Liverpool St Station, London. Some petshop. This one can be moved about and zoom in on areas.


How small minded can you be?

The house next door to us is rented out. The last tennants moved out recently. They were clearing the last of their stuff out and depositing what they didnt need in their dustbin. There was a small water bottle left in the garage that they dropped into the dustbin belonging to the neighbour on the […]