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Test your broadband speed

I came across this site – The Global Broadband Speed Test when looking to test my connection after a recent modem upgrade. My results were:

My service is a 10Mb/s download with 512kb/s upload speed. Obviously these are ideal figures and the results of the speed test are not too dissapointing. They are […]

Software package of the week – JAlbum

I’ve been using JAlbum – free web photo album software and photo gallery software fro a while now and it gets better with each release. You give it a bunch of images, set the style, size of thumbnails and images and it creates an album. Iit can even upload it to your website via ftp […]

Geek Mugs

I’ve finally got round to designing a couple of geek mugs that can also be more than just somewhere to slurp coffee from. These have a useful vi editor and regular expression quick references and make an excellant addition to the desk of any developer.

The mugs are currently available on eBay along with […]

What did we do before broadband was available?

I’m finally back online after spending almost a week without my usual high speed internet access. I sprated experiencing loss of connection last tuesday. The link spend most of its time down and NTL scheduled an engineer to have a look at it. It was almost a week before they could get out to me, […]

Deface websites easily

Have a look at this site, change the URL at the top of the page for a different site, change the ‘weapon of choice’ from a spray can to a gun to a dog or cow crapping everywhere.

Fun site, should keep you amused for more than a few minutes trying to deface your favourite […]

Custom designed mugs

Here are a few samples of some mugs I’ve created.

and one as a wedding anniversary present for some friends:

Finally, if you’d like your own custom designed mug then drop me an email on with your requirements.

Keep an eye on the Mugs page on the menu to the right for […]

Product of the week – Wireless deskset

I was moving the kids computer around and needed to extend the reach of the keyboard and mouse, while looking for keyboard and usb extension cables I came across a Trust Wireless Optical Slimline Deskset DS-3200 in my local Staples store. It was the price that interested me first, it was marked as £19.99 which […]