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Fun with Car Number Plates

Ever fancied getting somone into trouble? Some arse cut you up? Want to get revenge on somone? Alter their car number plate (or license plate if you are from the other side of the pond!). What you need is 3 rolls of self adhesive insulation tape, one white, one black and one yellow. Plus a […]

Travel Nightmares

What a bad week for commuting this past week has been. It started off badly and never improved.


Severe underground problems – No Circle line and severe delays on the central line, my main and alternative routes across London. It took my 90 minutes to do a 20 minute journey and in this time […]

Novel way to get drivers to notice speed limits

A novel way to get drivers to notice the speed limits is here – Warning: Contains Partial nudity!


New Mugs – Cyberman and Borg

I have 2 new mugs available this week, turn somone into a Borg Drone:

Or a Cyberman:

How dumb can you be?

These automatic bollards are being used across the country to restrict access to town centres, here is a video of some bollards in Manchester where the drivers dont seem to realise they shouldnt be driving that way. I tihnk the flashing No Entry signs are a bit of a clue. But obviously these morons are […]

What a F***ed up country I live in?

What a f***ed up country the UK is? Why? Well consider these:

We drive to the local dump (recycling centre), spend 15 minutes in a queue with out engines running in order to dump a few bottles, cans and papers for recycling. My local tip constantly has a queue of cars and vans waiting their […]

Java development – get NetBeans

If you do any Java development and have not yet come across the NetBeans IDE, then have a look at it now. Download it and try it. I’ve been using it since about version 3.6 and have been using the version 5.5 beta and preview release since they were first available and I must say […]