Where am I?

The view looking up while waiting to cross a bridge. This is a fairly unique bridge that has a moving deck. Where is it and what river does it span? Answers below.

Its the Middlesbrough Transporter bridge, spanning the river Tees. The above view was taken from the Stockton-On-Tees side, looking up into the […]

All set – the cakes are done!

Yes, that is a snowman made from the waste icing. 🙂 Happy Christmas.

Commuters force train review

Well, it looks like its finally going to happen, First Great W*****s are going to review the peak time commuter services that I use almost daily as shown in this NewburyToday article.

I had predicted the overcrowding and reported it FGW 3 weeks prior to the service starting. I then reported it to my MP […]

Overcrowding on peak trains

Not a good shot but shows people standing on a crowded peak time train run by First Great W***ers. This is due to a 50pct cut in standard class seats. More complaints to them are in order and they won’t be pleasant reading.


I was right! But did anyone listen?

Today was the first day of the new First Great Western timetable that regular commuters would be using the service. I dont count the Sunday as this is not a full service anyway. As predicted there was chaos. First of all, my intended train was cancelled. The next through train to London was so overcrowded […]

Merry Christmas

Interesting site – PikiPimp

Visit PikiPimp and Pimp your pictures. I now have some interesting pictures of certain person I work with that I’ll get round to uploading soon.

For now, enjoy pimping your own pictures.

New product – key ring

Example keyring with brushed gold coloured insert. Other metalic colours are available including white for photo images. (This is a crappy picture taken with a camera phone under flourescent light)

Recipe of the week – Microwave treacle sponge

I’ve finally got round to blogging one of my favourite recipes, a quick microwave treacle sponge.


2 oz/50g Soft Margarine 2 oz/50g Caster sugar 4 oz/100g Self Raising flower 1 egg A few drops of vanilla escence/extract Some milk


Grease a round heat proof glass bowl, approx capacity of about 1 litre (the […]