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Its alive!

OK, so this is a bit of a dramatic title. My car has now been fixed, one head gasket replacement later, including head bolts, manifold gaskets, cam cover gasket and various other seals its now running fine. The oxygen sensor was only contaminated with water vapour, so once the gasket was fixed and the fault […]

Car dies – part 2

Well, it looks fairly serious. My old motor was taken away today to be repaired. It looks like it was a head gasket failure, probably from the coolant to combusiton chamber, this would have then caused the oxygen sensor to fail and bring the whole car to a halt. These cars are so full of […]

Packed trains ‘safer’ claim UK rail bosses

From The Register – this must be the most bullshit ever! They are claiming that people are better off in packed carriages. Try squeezing 12 people into a family car and saying its safer?

The Department of Transport claims £88M a week is being spent on improvements to the rail network. What the heck are […]

Car dies

The old car spluttered, juddered to a halt just off a major roundabout in Newbury. One quick call to the recovery people and we were home in just under an hour. As it was a Sunday there was nowhere open to take the car so it was taken home. After a quick session with a […]

Whats the damage then?

After a day of strong winds I now have a two fence panels down with a broken post to replace. I also think one of the other sections has a broken post. Not bad for posts that have been in the ground for over 15 years!

I also have a large pile of rotting vegetable […]

PC Died

While working away on a Saturday afternoon my PC rebooted, nothing unusual in that, its done it once or twice before. But this time was different, it failed to come back properly. After trying a few power cycles nothing was happening. So started removing the various add-on cards so try to track down the problem. […]

Gadget of the week – 3.5-Inch Media Player Hard Drive Enclosure

I’ve just bought one of these 3.5-Inch Media Player Hard Drive Enclosure as they were on special offer. I dont think I would have bothered at the original price. I also had a discount voucher so in the end I paid £36.99.

After installing a 250Gb hard disk that was in an old usb enclosure […]

Happy New Year!

Its 2007 already, ok, so I’m a day late with this. Just got back from almost 2 weeks away from home. In this time I’ve driven over 1000 miles to the north of England, down to the south west and back. My biggest question for the new year is “When will drivers learn to use […]