New flat press

This is my new heat press for producing mousemats, t-shirts, coasters, placemats, bookmarks, business cards and anything else I find in the blanks catalogue. The first few items produced look very good.

GPS Navigation Systems

After upgrading my phone recently I’ve got a copy of the TomTom navigation software installed. I purchased a small bluetooth GPS device and together with the phone they make quite a good system. Here are a few observations in the way the navigation software works:

It only recognises roads. I tried this on a train […]

Bad train day

Before boarding my late and severly overcrowded morning train I was handed a survey to complete. Well I think most people who got one today would have ticked every box labeled ‘very poor’.

Phone upgrade

This is a picture of the keypad of my old treo 600. Now replaced by an Orange SPV M600 running windows mobile 5 software.

First Great Western Hate Sites

Found a number of other angry commuters using First Great Western services:

Farce Great Western

I Hate First Great Western

Max’s Commuter train Journeys

The Scandal that is First Great Western

More Train Less Strain