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The Sinclair Spectrum – 25 years young!

Those were the days. Watching the pretty patterns on the tv screen waiting for the latest game to load. The kids today dont even know they’re born! The Sinclair ZX Spectrum turns 25, see BBC News article How the Spectrum began a revolution. I started with a Sinclair ZX80, one of the predecessors of the […]

A close shave

I was in a local sports shop, looking for kids trainers whan all of a sudden a large box section housing lights fell from the wall onto the floor. This looked to be a heavy item as it took 3 staff members to lift and carry out of the store. It fell about 8 feet […]

Pix2Gifts – Custom Designed Mugs and Personalised Products

Just a bit of self promotion here. Go visit Pix2Gifts for all your Custom Designed Mugs and Personalised Products. No online shop yet, but that is coming sometime once I can sort out some suitable software for it. The current one I’m looking at is something called Zen Cart which is written in PHP with […]


A model TARDIS I made for my kids so the figures they bought recently have something to travel in.

Picture is not the best, taken on a mobile phone in low light conditions. TARDIS is made from 5mm plywood with blocks inside to help hold it together. Door is hinged with a strip of […]

Doctor Who – Cardiff Exhibition

Went over to Cardiff this weekend for a night and took the kids to visit the Doctor Who Exhibition thats on semi-permanent display. A family ticket was £14 and you could go in and out as much as you liked all day. It was ok, the kids enjoyed seeing a Dalek, Cyberman, Judoon, Ood, K9 […]