DIY freezer repairs

I’ve this week replaced a broken hinge on our small freezer in the cupboard under the stairs. The freezer has been going strong for a number of years now and recently one of the hinges broke. After pulling it out of its home I found the hinges were held on by 4 screws. Armed with […]

Argos website cant cope with traffic

Looks like all the online xmas shoppers have brought the Argos website to its knees. Looked like a temporary glitch, was all fixed in about 30 minutes.

Not very green

This is the queue of traffic waiting to get into my local recycling centre. Traffic is queued in both directions blocking the road for quite a distance. This is enough to put anyone off recycling!

After a death at my local recycling centre earlier in the year it has re-opened with drastically reduced opening […]


A pumpkin lantern that I carved for my kids.