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Laptop and Hard Drive

Finally manage to get a picture of the new laptop and my 1TB external hard drive.

Laptop is dual booting into Winnows XP and Suse Linux 11.0. It was quite tricky to setup in the first place but once sorted it runs quite well.


Prize draw winnings

I got call a few days ago from the publishers of Linux Format magazine to say I’d won a top prize in the prize draw after completing a survey. It arrived quickly. It is a 1TB external hard disk unit. Sadly only usb connection. Inside are 2 500GB SATA drives. May even add these to […]

New Toy – Advent 4211 Netbook

Not much at the moment, but my new toy is Advent 4211 Netbook. It is basically a re-badged MSI Wind but for less than the MSI version!

The event of the year

Last night we went to the preview show of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo. After we queued for almost an hour in light rain we got to our seats. The show started 15 minutes late due to the extra security searches and the number of people there. The rain came down for the first half of […]