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New theme

I’ve finally got round to looking at new themes. Take a trip over to and you’ll find loads of themes that are ready to use. The one I chose is called Atahualpa and is highly configurable in the styles, images and layout that you can use. There are over 200 individual elements that can be […]

Web controlled RGB LED – Updated

As a small test, I’ve taken a colour picker, updated it to make requests to a php script, that then makes a request to the ethernet connected Arduino. The Arduino then sets the colour of the RGB LED. It might sound long winded, but due to the limited memory on the Arduino I cant run […]

Boys will be Girls

Playstation home on the PS3 is a virtual world where your character can mingle with other characters. Its still only beta so not many areas yet to explore. As you can see, my character is female, slim and in a (geeky) way attractive. After a short while in the game I had a number of […]

Arduino and RGB LED

A simple test using a RGB LED to show different colours. It used a ping pong ball as a diffuser.

snow in London

lots of snow. picture from hotel window, as stayed overnight.