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Arduino Internet Clock

After updating the ethernet library for the ENC28J60 ethernet shield, I wanted a larger project to tackle. I had previously got a simple version of the internet clock working, based on the clock form, described here. I have however updated it to have selectable character sizes using the bignum code described in this arduino […]

New Arduino ENC28J60 Ethershield library

After combining the original ENC28J60 Ethernet shield library from the Ethernet shield with the TCP/IP stack. The end result is a library that is much easier to use. The examples provided show:

Simple webserver that can be used to control or read values Simple Twitter client that can post messages on receipt of […]

Arduino Proto Shield Upgrade

I’ve not been playing around with a couple of Arduino boards for a few months now along with an ethernet shield and a couple of proto shields from Nuelectronics). The problem I have is that when using the ethernet shield with a proto shield above it, the RJ45 connector is too high to allow the […]