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What the f*** is going on here?

Some people get offended by a couple of caricature cartoons and burn down a foreign embasy as reported here BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | Embassies burn in cartoon protest. An attack on an embassy is like an attack on that country and could be seen as an act of war.

You don’t see people in Britain and USA getting offended over some cartoons? If they do get offended then they don’t burn your house down! These people are just looking for any excuse for a fight against the ‘non believers’.

What is the UK governement doing about this?

  • More police on the beat? Well, in London maybe but no-where else.
  • Body scanners in railway stations? Not an option as it can take 80x to scan 1 person. Imagine how long it would take to scan a train load of people before the boarded.
  • Introduce ID cards? You don’t need an ID card to make a bomb so how is it going to stop terrorists?

What will this mean?

If you ask me, this will mean more people will be against the foreigners and immigrants (of middle eastern origin) coming into the UK and the policies of far right parties such as the BNP will start to look favourable. Would you want your tax contributions used to fight wars in far away places when hospitals and schools locally are under funded?

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