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Big Brother MOTs

The old motor went in for its annual MOT test today and I was pleased that it passed with flying colours again. The way the MOT certificate is issued has changed now. It is all computerised so by 2007, all vehicles eligable for a MOT will be on the VOSA database and the test validity can be checked by visiting the website.

You can check your own details with the registration number and either the MOT test number or a reference number from the vehicles V5C DVLA registration certificate. You can do a quick check or request a full history, this presumably will be more usefull in a few years time when the vehicles have been through a number of tests. One thing that is recorded along with the make, model and colour is the mileage or odometer reading and the date the test is valid until. You wont be sent reminders a test is due, but the police will be able to check a vehicle has a valid MOT without you having to produce a certificate.

If the vehicle fails a test then the failure points are also recorded and made available in the full history option, so you could see what a vehicle failed on in previous years. There appear to be obvious security features to prevent unauthorised access to data, such as once you sell or transfer the vehicle, a new V5C document is issued along with a new reference number so even if you kept a copy of the the old number, it may no longer show you current test information.

With the number of CCTV cameras now being hooked up to automatic number plate readers, its going to be almost impossible to drive an untested, and hence unroadworthy vehicle on the road. One advantage of the new style tests is that I can now apply for my tax disc online, so presumably they now have links between vehicle tax, insurance and the MOT database in order to issue the tax discs.

All scary stuff!

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