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Travel Nightmares

What a bad week for commuting this past week has been. It started off badly and never improved.


  • Severe underground problems – No Circle line and severe delays on the central line, my main and alternative routes across London. It took my 90 minutes to do a 20 minute journey and in this time I travelled on 4 tube trains on 3 different lines including one line twice!


  • Slight delays, otherwise fairly uneventfull.


  • Worked from home, but apparently similar delays to monday on the underground.


  • Usual train in the evening was cancelled, had to find an alternative and change at Reading where it was total chaos.


  • Cancelled trains caused my usual train home to be overcrowded and delayed. To add to the delays it made an extra stop on the way.

To top all this, the rail company First Great Western are introducing a new timetable from 10th December 2006. They are making changes to the morning peak time commuter trains by replacing them with new Adelante units. Wow you say, nice new trains…. hold on a sec… after checking the seating capacity of the old and new trains, it turns out that they are reducing the number of standard class seat by over 50%. The trains can get very busy as they are with 550 seats, what are they going to be like with only 282 seats? FGW have neither confirmed or denied the reduction in seats on these services. I have also been in communication with the local newspaper and they are following up on this story.
More to follow.

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