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Happy New Year!

Its 2007 already, ok, so I’m a day late with this. Just got back from almost 2 weeks away from home. In this time I’ve driven over 1000 miles to the north of England, down to the south west and back. My biggest question for the new year is “When will drivers learn to use motorway lanes properly?” I stopped counting the number of times I flashed my headlights at ‘middle lane hoggers‘ when lane 1 was totally clear. It seems that no matter how many lanes there are on a motorway, the volume of traffic increases, and the closer people drive to the vehicle in front, when you get to the ‘fast lanes‘.

Imagine this scenario: A busy UK motorway (driving on left hand carriageway), 50% of traffic is in right hand lane, 30% middle and 20% left lane, which is the complete opposite of what it should be. The traffic starts to slow, so right lane stops almost immediately, traffic in middle and left hand lanes speed past, but are slowing down. Some prat in right hand lane decides he’s going to move into the middle lane as traffic is moving faster there, pulls out but is then hit by traffic coming along this lane. Not good and probably a cause of many accidents I’ve seen in queued traffic.

Thankfully I managed to avoid a lot of the heavy traffic and arrived at my destinations. My view is that people need to learn how to use the motorways properly then they would run smoothly without incident and accident!

Safe Driving!

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