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PC Died

While working away on a Saturday afternoon my PC rebooted, nothing unusual in that, its done it once or twice before. But this time was different, it failed to come back properly. After trying a few power cycles nothing was happening. So started removing the various add-on cards so try to track down the problem. Basically with everything removed and all the disks disconnected I could get into the bios settings, which were reset but still it wouldnt work properly. It kept hanging after a few minutes or even seconds.

I booted it from a CD to try a memory check, errors all over the place. I swapped the 2 sticks of memory around, used one in either slot. All combinations were tried, but still it failed or hung at different points. I concluded that there must be some motherboard fault, so nothing for it but to go buy a new base unit.

After a quick trip into town I came back with a P4 Dual core system with 2Gb Ram and a 200Gb hard disk, running Windows XP Media Centre edition. I have now spent most of the afternoon and evening performing updates, then installing my software and hardware drivers. I’ve installed my work disk tht was salvaged from the old computer. I put the old system disk into an external usb enclosure so I could then retrieve the My Documents folder along with Mozilla Thunderbird email settings and all my emails from the last few years!
Still to add is my development environment (Netbeans, java etc), vpn software to access my works lan for when I work from home and a few other bits of software that I use.

More tomorrow I think!

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