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GPS Navigation Systems

After upgrading my phone recently I’ve got a copy of the TomTom navigation software installed. I purchased a small bluetooth GPS device and together with the phone they make quite a good system. Here are a few observations in the way the navigation software works:

  1. It only recognises roads. I tried this on a train to see how fast I was going and where, the pointer wanted to follow any roads that ran close to the railway line, where there were none it did follow the line properly.
  2. The alerting of speed camera (scamera) locations can be a bit missleading at times, if there is a camera site on another road close to your position, but not actually on the road you are on, then it will alert you to this. It also likes to sometimes aleret you to cameras on the opposite side of the road.
  3. It may not always give you the best route, local knowledge is usually better here.
  4. Sometimes the directions for leaving a motorway at a particular exit were not soon enough.

I used the system to successfully navigate to an address in Luton on Sunday morning in order to pick something up. Overall I was quite impressed with being able to navigate to somewhere I’d never been to before. The alternative would have been to get a map of the area and plot a route or get directions from the person I was visiting.

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