Bad Customer Services of the week – Orange

I’ve had to call Orange customer services/technical support twice in the last week. The first was for a problem with a newly installed broadband service. The username and password were not working. However the password was one that was given by myself when I signed up for the service. The problem was they entered it into their system incorrectly. If I spell out a password with the numbers 4 then 8, do you treat this as a 4 then an 8 or as 8888 (four 8’s)? Well, the dumbos in Orange did. I called first and got the password confirmed as what I had originally given, it was when I was at the computer connected to the new broadband line that I had the problems. The call was answered by somon in India and had great difficulty understanding what I wanted. It bacame apparent that they had the wrong password and it was their fault. Eventually they hung up on me due to my colourful language. After that I used the updated (wrong) password and got the broadband working.

My next problem was a mobile problem. My phone died, so I had to call Orange again. A replacement was to be with me the next evening but this failed to turn up. After calling them first thing on a sunday morning to ask where the replacement phone was I was given another delivery time. This time, they were early. I had the new phone by lunchtime, which wasnt bad going considering they had failed to deliver it the previous day. The only ptoblem now is to re-install all the software I had and re-sync my contacts and update my settings.
So Orange have now been given my Crap Service of the Week award.

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