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Pain on the Trains

Its a friday and I have a family gathering to attend in the evening, so I leave work over an hour earlier thna usual to try to get the train leaving London Paddington at 16:18. I’m waiting for the train to leave when there is an announcement that all services are suspended due to a fatality on the line. Bugger I thinks. The advice was to go to Waterloo and take a train to Reading. This is a crappy slow service that takes about 90 minutes so I wasnt happy about doing that route.

In the end I did make my way to Waterloo as the rush-hour was starting and I wanted to beat the main bulk of the evening rush. From Waterloo I took a train to Basingstoke as this was only stopping once. It took about 40 minutes. Then I had a 10 minute wait for a non-stop train to Reading. Well, Reading was utter chaos. Nobody knew what was going on or what trains were running. The station staff were running around with their thumbs up their arses not knowing what was going on. Most trains were showing as being over an hour late and at this point all the monitors were turned off, not a good move at all.

Well, I eventually found a train going my way, leaving at 19:11. This eventually left 5 minutes late. It was then 20:00 by the time I got home. A journey that should have taken me about 90 minutes, took 4 1/4 hours!

Not a good journey home, as a result I didnt attend the family event, but went out to the pub instead!

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