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A little rain…

We had a bit of rain on Friday…

Roundabout near railway station
Roundabout near Railway station.

Flooded road
Flooded road.

Roundabout near school and leisure centre
Roundabout near Local Secondary School and Leisure centre

road past school
Road going past local Secondary School and Leisure centre

The water was all gone from here by early evening as I went down to retrieve my stranded car from the car park at the leisure centre. There was still quite a bit of flooding by the station as I took a drive down there to see what was going on. It wasnt quite as deep as the 2nd picture when I went through it. One advantage of having a car that is slightly taller than most is that it has much better ground clearence and can handle deeper water!

After a drive round today through some of the affected areas, there were quite a number of houses affected. You could see carpets and other spoilt property piled up outside. A lot was already starting to be dumped as I did my weekly recycling run to the local dump there were people getting rid of sofas, carpets, fridges, TV’s and computers that had obviously been damaged by water.

No damage to my property, only a leak in the lounge and a leeking garage roof, but I knew about those anyway. Just keep a bucket handy!

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