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Not very green

This is the queue of traffic waiting to get into my local recycling centre. Traffic is queued in both directions blocking the road for quite a distance. This is enough to put anyone off recycling!


After a death at my local recycling centre earlier in the year it has re-opened with drastically reduced opening hours. Previously it was opening at 08:00 and closing at 20:00 during the summer and at 18:00 in the winter months, 7 days a week. Now it is opening at 09:00 and closing at 16:00 7 days a week. I was able to visit after work if I needed to but now I’m limited to weekend visits and a 40 minute wait just to dump my rubbish and recycling.
The picture above was taken just before the site opened on a Sunday morning. I guess everyone had the same idea, get there early! I’m surprised there hasn’t been an accident yet with people trying to overtake the waiting traffic, but its only a matter of time. The council wont do anything about it and keep quoting ‘health and safety‘ reasons. Its been running ok for years and one death leads to total chaos.

I have found local recycling places to dump paper, glass, plastic bottles and cans but it doesn’t take cardboard so I sill have to save it all up and make an occasional trip to the tip but now its less frequent.

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